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Call center memes

The life of a call center representative is not easy. Long phone calls, dealing with irate customers and trying to hit high sales targets can take their toll on even the most optimistic of people.


Working in a call center can be fun and rewarding when you're lucky enough to talk to the right customers. However, customers who call are often frustrated and upset about having some sort of problem, which can sometimes make the job daunting and difficult. So it's no surprise that call center workers take to the internet to vent their grievances and make us laugh.


  • Memes can be a great way to unwind and laugh at the day-to-day situations we often face as support staff.
  • Meme is an emoticon package that can be copied and created anywhere. It is composed of pictures, videos or texts that are quickly spread by Internet users and have many variants of humorous content.
  • Funny call center memes that will make you laugh out loud.

When you're finishing your shift and a call comes in...



The moment you realize…



If I get another call



Yes, our system is down


We created simpleconnect's own memes, hoping to bring you a little joy!


Help me up!



You say you value your employees



Hang up robocalls…


For more interesting memes, you can click the link below, and there will be new updates every week.


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