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Deliver exceptional customer experiences on a powerful platform

All-in-one solution
Complete overview of SimpleConnect
Call Center
Connect your customers with an engaging and satisfying experience
  • More flexibility, more significant savings and higher efficiency
  • Safe, reliable, and high concurrency.
  • Flexible IVR process configuration
  • Suitable for inbound and outbound calling
Easily sending and receiving faxes
  • Increase user and workflow productivity
  • Drag the file to upload
  • Support batch import of receive numbers
Live Chat
Provide real-time support for customers
  • Improve the conversational experience and increase the customer retention rate for online businesses.
  • Reliable and fast chat with a range of features
  • Customer information, quick reply, knowledge base supported online communication
Integrated CRM that’s compatible with contact center
  • Improve business relationships
  • Help companies stay in touch with customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability
  • Simple dashboard, you can see everything in one place
Impress your customers and increase their satisfaction
  • Improve team's overall workflow and reduce response times
  • Omnichannel support enables agents to serve customers in their preferred channels
  • Improve agent's productivity
Bulk Outbound Call
Make more
  • Supports fixed concurrency and intelligent concurrency
  • Set up scheduled automatic calls to make sure you’re calling with the right prospect at the right time
  • Support batch import of numbers and filter duplicate numbers
Dashboards and reports that turn data into action
  • Visualized agent performance report
  • Better agent training and evaluation
  • Make objective data-driven decisions
Track, analyze, and manage agent performance to optimize customer service
  • Ability to monitor agents’ calls and screen activity
  • Support multiple monitoring, call, omnichannel, monitoring in chart
  • Provide guidance for agent scheduling
Quality Inspection
Visually optimize the agent-customer interaction experience
  • Continuously measure and monitor agent performance
  • Automatically detect customer emotions through the change of tone and volume, language use.
  • Improve agent efficiency and customer satisfaction
Faster and high efficiency with lower cost
  • Support bulk group sending and individual messages
  • Use preset SMS templates to improve the efficiency of mass SMS sending
  • Integrate SMS into omnichannel to create the ultimate customer experience
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