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Why are phone calls crucial to customer service?

Customer service has increasingly become an omnichannel experience for both customers and businesses trying their best to serve them. Many companies offer phone lines, social media messages, email responses, and even live chat on their websites.


But the phone is still an important part of customer service. Why do most customers still prefer phone-based contact, even in the digital era?


Phones are a preferable tool because they can provide your business with many benefits and allow you to provide a better customer service experience.

Provide customers with a more personalized experience


    Over the phone, customers can speak directly with a representative of the company and share their concerns or issues. Each customer can be directly connected in real time, which makes it easier for agents to quickly build relationships and trust and resolve complex issues faster.

    At the same time, the phone can bring emotions such as understanding and empathy, making the conversation sound more human. Phone support enables your agents to understand customer emotions and use the appropriate tone of voice to help them resolve issues.

    Reduce customer waiting time


      Phones have the best first response time compared to other support channels, so they provide a means of immediate customer service, which is especially important in urgent situations where customers need to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

      If your business uses a cloud phone system, you can benefit from advanced features like intelligent call routing. With its help, you can set up rules based on the real-time status of call agents and assign them to the most suitable person to answer the call.

      The IVR (Interactive Voice Response) feature can be very useful if you have a limited number of call agents. It navigates callers through multiple menus so they can reach the customer service representative they need. Their wait time was put to good use, the entire call experience was more interactive, and they managed to connect with someone who could help them.

      Call recording function can help you better understand your customers


        Call recording allows you to monitor and improve your team's calls, which can help you gain insight into your customers' thoughts and needs, and is a way to enhance the customer experience, reduce staff turnover, and hold your employees more accountable.

        The phone is always by your side


          We live in a full-speed digital age where people carry their phones with them in their pockets or bags. This means your company is always available by phone for help or support.

          Also, many customers will be disappointed and potentially lose them if you don't give them the option to contact you through your help center phone number.
          One of the greatest benefits of cell phones is their popularity among people of all ages. Each of them owns and uses a mobile phone, which seems to be the fastest way to reach your business.

          Using the phone as your primary support channel can help you be more efficient.


          Reasons why the phone is an ideal customer service solution include: the ability to provide more personalized interactions, use your mobile device as an extension of the office so you can multitask while on the phone, be available anytime, anywhere, be able to transfer calls without running back to the office or taking time away from other tasks.

          Hopefully we've given you enough information and reasons why businesses should consider adding call centers to their customer service channels.


          If you need cloud-based call center service, contact us anytime!

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