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8 Tips to Improve Call Center Agent Performance in 2023

Improving agent performance is the first step in enhancing customer service in the contact center. Because agent performance directly impacts customer satisfaction and sales. When call center agent satisfaction is higher, agents are more effective and display more professionalism, a positive attitude that positively impacts sales and customer satisfaction.

Here are a few tips that you can use to improve call center agent performance and achieve your call center agent performance goals.

1. Know the Metrics to Track
SimpleConnect Contact Center Dashboard, where you can analyze the performance of your agents. A call center agent performance dashboard helps you take full control of the process. There are certain metrics you need to focus on to find the root cause of the problem :


  • Number of inbound and outbound calls
  • Total time of inbound and outbound calls
  • average customer wait time
  • Average duration of inbound and outbound calls
  • Average number of calls per user

2. Develop detailed SOP
A good SOP (standard operating procedure) is an internal guideline with a set of written instructions. It is used to describe all important processes step by step so that your team can always refer to them and understand what steps they need to take to perform certain tasks.

Including: the process of specific scenarios, who to contact and when to contact , the function of the product, frequently asked questions, etc. You can organize them into different sections and even add links to more resources.

More importantly, it increases customer satisfaction.
3. Benefit from AI
AI is here to help, not replace the contact center.

According to statistics, chatbots can increase user satisfaction by 80% compared to non-chatbot experiences.

Using chatbots can reduce call center transfers by 30%.

Data proves that the use of artificial intelligence can help simplify routine tasks and improve the performance of call center agents by providing immediate assistance to customers. Businesses are therefore highly recommended to benefit from these new technological wonders.


4. Prevent avoidable calls
Timing is everything when it comes to the efficiency of any contact center, so eliminating duplicate calls is important. By taking certain precautions to avoid certain calls, you can buy your agents a lot of time.

To avoid unnecessary calls, you can:


  • Benefit from voice and text-based chatbots
  • Create an easy-to-use comprehensive FAQ menu
  • Direct customers to an FAQ page on your website
  • Categorize calls and answer automatically

5. Record and monitor calls
You can protect your team from malicious callers.

Some callers may be dissatisfied with your service, or simply not in line with your business values, and may make baseless complaints. This puts your agent at a disadvantage, and without evidence (recorded phone conversations), they may not be able to prove they did nothing wrong.

You'll always have agents who perform exceptionally well. Store these recordings and use them for agent onboarding.

You need to trust your agent. But they may not take every call seriously if they know they won't be able to hear what they're saying on the phone. By randomly listening to past phone conversations (or monitoring ongoing phone conversations), you can stop poor performance and offer correction before it's too late.

SimpleConnect can provide you with recording and monitoring services.
6. Boost your business and strengthen your team with training
Call center agents must be ready to answer customer questions. To do this, they must have knowledge and up-to-date information.

A great call center agent has excellent listening skills, the patience to handle a variety of inquiries, the ability to deliver necessary information, and an instinctive response to identify customer pain points.

Most of these skills can be honed with the right training and practice. With the right tools and training, not only people skills can be practiced, but also more technical aspects such as a comprehensive grasp of products and services.

You can organize regular training to let your agents know more about the products and services you offer and help them improve their skills for better performance.
7. Update Your Strategy Regularly
With good call center software, you can view statistics and real-time data and use them to analyze your performance, identify problematic or under functional parts of your strategy, and make necessary changes by reviewing the data on a regular basis.

To improve your call center strategy and increase agent performance, you can consider these practices. They are:


  • Organize regular training
  • work with consultants
  • Hire a professional team to improve your recruiting strategy
  • Benefit from surveys to control agent satisfaction
  • Listen to employees and take their suggestions
  • Hold group sessions where agents share their good and bad experiences

8. Use call center software
Call center software helps customers and call center agents improve their quality of life.

Easy-to-use software integrations, personalized service, and chatbots that help with common issues help provide a great customer experience.

Most call centers require the use of various databases, including sales software, CRM or help desk tools. When all of them require different software and open in different windows, or use outdated or complex IT systems and processes, they can reduce the productivity of even the most motivated and efficient agents.
solution? Switch to modern cloud-based call center software to increase productivity even if they are working from home.

A user-friendly cloud-based call center solution that can be integrated with all other business tools, choose SimpleConnect for your technical support.

While customers experience advanced customer service, agents can get work done easier and faster with a centralized knowledge base they can access during calls, the ability to listen to previous calls, reread emails and check social media posts and several other functions.

To enhance the call center experience and improve the performance of call center agents, we provide you with cloud-based contact center solutions. If you want to try it out for yourself, feel free to request a demo from our website. Our team is always welcome.

With these strategies, you can improve the overall quality of service your team provides. Just as important, these tips can bring your team closer together and increase productivity.

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