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Using AI to Improve Customer Service

AI robots are designed to make people's jobs easier and create a better customer experience.The benefits of using AI in customer service are huge and it's about efficiency and simplicity.



AI provides a more personalized interaction, which is essential when you have a customer support issue such as recovering a lost password or canceling something.

Make people's jobs easier


Between high ticket volumes and repetitive tasks, service team support staff have their hands full. As customer issues arise, service teams can spend significant time and resources manually triaging each issue to ensure it gets to the right place. In actual conversations, they may lack critical insights that would allow for faster problem-solving. All the time spent on repetitive tasks in a conversation ends up being equal to time that could be spent on higher value tasks.

Of course, automation is not meant to replace humans. It should make their job easier. Most importantly, your customers still demand human experience. Instead of replacing entire service teams with sentient robots, AI can be used to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks to enhance the customer experience while creating more efficient workflows for your agents.

Intelligent triage, when a conversation comes up in an agent's workspace, they need to figure out how to prioritize it over other conversations, who can best solve the problem, and how the customer is feeling. An experienced agent may be able to determine these things immediately. Still, when tickets are piling up and customers are desperate for a solution, an agent's time may be best spent solving the problem.

AI can automatically analyze requests and figure out customer intent, sentiment and language to route and prioritize issues. That way, it falls into the hands of the right agent who can solve the problem most effectively.

Improve efficiency and create a better customer experience


A customer service agent can only handle one customer service call or question at a time. AI in its various forms empowers customer service departments to do more, thereby improving the customer experience.

For example, a chatbot can handle multiple queries at the same time. This saves a lot of time for busy call centers. If the issue is too complex for a chatbot to handle, an agent can step in and resolve the issue.

Artificial intelligence takes the data and uses it to determine the best representative to meet the customer's needs. It then provides the necessary background information to the representative before they interact with the customer. This saves time and manpower, and helps customers solve problems more efficiently.

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