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    How Zigzag can help you

    Open up the whole data link for enterprises and realize the efficient landing of data applications

    Pioneer in data technology


    Mainstream SDK acquisition capabilities


    Active users


    Billion new data volumes processed daily


    Data daily queries


    Real-time data processing
    As customers grow

    From SaaS, privatized PaaS to agile data middle office, meet the needs of small, medium and large customers

    SaaS services


    Seamlessly integrate upgrades
    Privatization of PaaS

    Agile and efficient

    Personalization evolves
    SMART data middle office

    Professional customization

    Small and medium-sized enterprises

    Data application

    Out-of-the-box requirements of the business

    Medium and large enterprises

    Data-based management

    Certain data security and personalized requirements

    Large enterprises

    Digital transformation and upgrading

    Establish a sound data decision-making system

    Industry solutions

    Comprehensive, professional, data-intelligent solutions

  • Real estate industry solutions

  • Insurance industry solutions

  • Education industry solutions

  • Retail e-commerce solutions

  • Automotive service solutions

  • Enterprise service solutions

  • Cooperation with 1000+ enterprises, serving customers covering various industries
    simple connect customers
    • TRUCS

    • ISO27001

    • ISO9001

    • ISO14001

    • ISO20000

    • CMMI5


    Achieve refined operations through data analysis.