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    Core Function and Service
    Support and manage callout/voice message in multiple applications with customization, to tightly attach your business.
  • Hidden number

    Realize communication safety, protect user privacy, avoid info leakage or passed by.

  • Full call recording

    Assist enterprise monitoring service quality through full call recording.

  • Text sending and receiving

    Support text sending and receiving with 99.99% accuracy and low cost.

  • Phone traffic analysis

    Provide detailed report to analysis based on unusual or overall traffic.

  • Open access REST API

    Simple access sustains all kinds of business interface with customization to fit business needs.

  • Extensible and customizable

    Customization can be provided based on application or request, such as multiple instances, statistic data, traffic analysis, monitoring etc.

  • Our Edge
  • We take pride in being industry leader that provides tailor-made solution to our clients.

  • Experience with major clients.

  • Strategic partnership with multiple notable carriers.

  • Professional communication solution supplier with precise service.

  • Pricing

    Cloopen offers cloud communication to save cost, labour and time.