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    Cross-border Ecommerce/logistics, App, dating platform, foreign trade site
  • Verification Messaging

    User register, Log in verify, Retrieving password, Payment verify, Binding number, ID verify.

  • Notification Messaging

    Meeting notification, Logistics notification, System notification, Alert notification, Service activation, payment notification.

  • Marketing Messaging

    Membership text, Promoting text, New release, Event invitation, Holiday greeting, Rebate text.

  • Our Edge
    Safe, stable, fast, wide coverage, multi language, independent channel
  • Wide coverage

    Support over 200 country/region+carriers.

  • Multi language

    Fully support different languages, which makes oversea expanding much easier.

  • Fast

    Reaching user within 5 seconds.

  • Independent channel

    Independent channel with real-time monitoring to guarantee reaching rate.

  • Pricing

    Cloopen offers cloud communication to save cost, labour and time.